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Copywriting With Sebastian Cannon

Hi. I’m Sebastian, a Health & Fitness Copywriting Expert.

I write copy for companies and individuals scale up their profits and increase customer loyalty.

Copywriting is a dance of emotions that purposefully guides the only important person in the equation (the prospect).

Copywriting is focused persuasion, in the form of storytelling, inspiration and brutal truth.

Let’s GO

Get Your Business In Shape

If your niche is Health & Fitness… Let’s Get You Results.

Certified Copywriter

I’ve trained with the best in the industry. I was educated to stretch my skills every day to make sure that I’m at the top of my game and tuned into the industry with my Copywriting and Marketing.

Health & Fitness

If it’s the Gym, Yoga, Nutrition or any niche that’s body prime related… I’ve got your business covered and pumped for tribe building and customer coversions.

Purposeful Content

I write copy that resonates with the emotional strings that move people into action.

That means buying, subscribing and taking the next step towards becoming a valued member of your loyalty team.

The Power Of

One Word


One word can shape a brand.


One word can make or break a campaign.


One word can make the difference between a message resonating, or a prospect clicking away.


Take it from me. I’ve seen money made and lost on the stake of a single headline.

Real Results

Copy That Converts

Whether it’s your Website, your Ad Campaigns or your Email Follow Up and Communication…

The words that your audience, your prosepects and your tribe digest…

Are the reason why they stick around and ultimately buy from you.

The words on the screen..

..are foundational to your business.

And if you don’t..

..make it a priority.

You be losing money..

..and not making it!

“Let’s write some truly great Copy.”

And create a foundational business asset for you.

Niche Perfect Copywriting


Laser Focused Avatars


Tuned In Pain Points & Dream Outcomes


Industry Know-how

Expert Marketing Knowledge


Email Marketing




AD Campaigns

Tribe Building


Proven Email Sequences


Community Building Language


Reluctant Prospects

DM me.. and let’s talk about the vision of your business..

Let’s begin..

Drop me an email with the tag ‘fitness’ at the start and I’ll get back to you to chat into your project.

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