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“Marta can help you discover a new perspective of life.”

~ Francesca Rinaldi 

“Thank you Marta for bringing so much light into my life.”

~ Lucy Buxton 

“I wish I had learned this valuable knowledge years ago.”

~ Robin Callander 

“Marta can help you discover a new perspective of life.”

~ Francesca Rinaldi 

“Thank you Marta for bringing so much light into my life.”

~ Lucy Buxton 

“I wish I had learned this valuable knowledge years ago.”

~ Robin Callander 


Immersive Programs Designed to Connect 

Private Sessions

1-0n-1 Coaching ~ Just for you.


I design programs that illuminate human connection*


I design programs that illuminate human connection*

Are you in a moment of change?



Feel physically weak and without energy?

feel tied to tobacco, alcohol ... and you don't know how to quit?

NOT know how to bear loneliness, a divorce, a loss, a separation?

NOT like your job or have even lost it?

feel the failure and you are not able to forgive the past and face the future?

“I want to bring you more awareness.

Help you connect more deeply with all levels of yourself.”


live the challenges of your life with a relaxed, focused and creative attitude

“What we resist, persists, embrace it & will dissolve’’

~ Carl G. Jung








Begin a powerful journey of awakening

Transformational Coach ~ Coaching Transformacional

What is transformational coaching?

Transformational coaching is a potent form of coaching ~

that nurtures every aspect of a person’s life.

body, mind & spirit ~ in relation to your whole being.

helping you to access your higher potential.

Who I work with


Teams, companies, centres.

      I work with groups to bring together a unified human harmony so that collectives are empowered to work better together, with more clarity, respect and connection.  I run tailored workshops combining powerful millenary practices to bring people into the higher vision of themselves.


Individuals like you.

      Work with me personally and discover how we can nurture your unique gifts in the world and amplify your beautiful and loving connection with yourself.

“Marta can help you to regenerate your body and find a new path or simply help you to discover a new perspective of life, as you can see I cannot speak more highly of her.”

Love to all.

Francesca Rinaldi

Marta Blanco

del rio

My Path ~ My Journey

Every step I have taken on my path to becoming a Holistic Coach has been a step of true inner awakening. Through all the challenges and magic of my life, each new tool of universal wisdom has offered me a greater understanding and command over myself and has magnified my love and lust for life.

It is this that has propelled me to help others in their own quest for inner balance, vibrant health and grace in their life. I am forever humbled by the teachers who have passed on the knowledge to me, so that I may support others to become more light and feel more alive.

“Spread your feathers, embrace your spiritual nature, walk tall, and display your talents with confidence and grace. Be yourself, an open-minded person ~ the one that looks at the world with eyes wide open, the one that is not afraid of challenges!”

~ Marta Blanco Del Rio

~ Anna Haglund, Stockholm ~

“I recommend Marta to anyone who would like to improve the quality of their life and balance between physical well-being and expansion of awareness.

She is a impassioned, inspiring and challenging teacher and has enabled me to create changes in my body and mind that I would never dream would be possible. I am forever grateful that I met her – and that was just when I was In a big need of help without even understanding it.”

~ Kellie Kennett, Australia ~

“Marta holds such a precious space in her coaching so you can go deep and really connect within. For me this started to unlock my intuition, my inner knowing and was, in many ways, the catalyst for a spiritual journey which in the years to come changed my life significantly and opened me up in ways I could not have imagined.

I will forever be grateful to Marta for helping me to change my style of life. It was through her gentle, yet persuasive guidance that I started this. She provided me with so much support in keeping up and was always there if I needed to talk through anything that was coming up for me. This support and guidance enabled me to create a “habit” of practicing daily, which I have maintained for the last 8 years and which I still hold as an absolute priority and blessing in my life.

I cannot express enough my gratitude for Marta and all that she has given me on my path. She teaches and coaches with so much heart and light and a little humour for good measure.

If you are ready for positive changes you have found an amazing ally in Marta!”

Guided Meditation

Download or Listen to the Meditation.


A Powerful inner journey to harmonize balance

      Enjoy my free guided meditation, relax, breathe and tune in to the deep calm within you.



Let you be yourself

Let you be yourself, losing the fear to experiment, to play. Life is a journey in which we all have much more in common than we think.

We have come into this world to be ourselves fully, to vibrate high and to offer our gifts to others.

To be authentic.

What do you want? What if you could? What if there were no limits?

What would everything be like if this conflict were not present?

What resources would you like to have?

Ready to let your soul show your true colors?

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"When we nurture

our whole self ~

Every part of us


and the world shines

more brightly."