Take a Deep


And Experience What’s Outside The Box

Take a Deep


And Experience What’s Outside The Box





Create Connection

Groups are incredible through the process of aligning.

There is a magic spark renerated in that connection with each other that allows our supportive and creative aspects to really shine.

This, I love.


With Essence

What’s In a Workshop?

An Overview

I run two branches of workshops.

The First Branch

These are workshops that are custom-made for establishments, where I work with existing groups who wish to raise their collective vibration to enhance areas such as ‘connection’, ‘productivity’, ‘creativity’ and the overall holistic health, well-being and happiness of the group.

I work with companies, centres, universities, community groups etc.

The Second Branch

The second branch are workshops that I hold at various times through the year for individuals to sign up to be and part a of.

Each workshop is unique in essence as we focus on different aspects where we can encourage growth and understanding.

Ultimately, our principle intention is to amplify the Light within us to shine more brightly.


Programs designed to Awaken.

From all of the countless workshops I’ve facilitated and been a part of. They all have one thing in common.

Workshops connect.

I work to create a safe and positive space where participants feel free to tune into higher aspects and allow themselves to shine.

I use a series of techniques and practices to assist in this process. The outcome is a wholeheartedly positive and valuable experience that individuals get to carry with them, having layed the groundwork for them being more aligned, creative and connected on many profound levels. 

Workshops That Work

Trust in the Process

I tailor each workshop to fit the needs of the ‘collective’ I’m working with. This is my unique approach that allows the intention of each workshop to be guided by what will be most powerful for the group as a whole.

Would your ‘collective’ benefit from a boost of their creativity? Would you like to see better communication and synchronicity in your group? What about general happiness and positivity within the workplace?

Anything else? I’m here for you.

~ Alison Story, Australia ~

“I have experienced sessions, workshops, and retreat with Marta. What I loved about is the way Marta brings great wisdom and guidance in a gentle but firm way. Each session is a journey, and by the end of that journey I always feel transformed in a positive way. There is always a shift in my feelings or thinking or patterns after a session with Marta. The retreat I did with Marta was profound. The practices we did somehow managed to build on one another as the days went by, so by the end of the retreat I felt my heart open in a way it never has before. I felt such a shift in my consciousness, and was overwhelmed with love for myself and others. This is a rare thing and I was so grateful to Marta for her gentle but directed way she led us through the process.”

~ Magdalena Malkowska, Poland ~

“I’ve been participating in Marta’s sessions and workshops with great joy. The poses, breathing techniques, mantras and meditation and the life style tips in the class has helped me to improve connection with my body, clear my mind and open my heart. My heart feels lighter and relaxed, I’m more aware of the energy outside and inside me and that I’m in charge of my life not the circumnstances. Throught the practice with her, I found peace and harmony. I’m able to distance myself from past experiences. The importance of finding the comfortable path lies with the teacher, one shall feel relax, connected and trust the process, and I discovered that with Marta.”

Marta Banco ~ Workshops

Wishing to find out more?

If you’d like to work with me or find out more about my personal upcoming workshops. Simply get in touch.

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"When we nurture

our whole self ~

Every part of us


and the world shines

more brightly."