Hi, I’m Marta

This is where you get to know me better…


Let’s start with a hug 


Hi, I’m Marta

This is where you get to know me better…

Let’s start with a hug 

A little story.

About Me


My profile is a creative, fighter and empathetic woman, with the ability to motivate and a vocation for service.

I have always been good at intuiting the gifts that others have. I started working in the world of communication during the 90s; I was part of the business world, I was a great marketing and communication strategist, I learned a lot over 20 years about professional challenges, which I did with enthusiasm, but it didn’t fill my heart. I was a caged bird, prisoner of a false society in its needs.

As it happens now, I had the need for a change and, faced with the illusion of feel authentic,(like a Peacock, a bird that symbolizes the integrity and beauty that we can achieve when we strive to show our true colors), I was looking to know how to fulfill the mission of being myself.

I wanted to help others find their full happiness, the one that comes from within us, and for that I had to find mine first; And leave everything, leave my profession, my country, my culture and move to Australia to learn to be freer, and to the East to learn to understand this world through spiritual teachers.

I accepted the challenge and it was not easy. I have learned a lot about change, about living life in the present and now, and especially knowing that the only thing that is real is the constant change. A Constant transformation. Transformation that I have seen in myself, and in many others, that I have accompanied in the last 15 years to discover their potential. To live life fully.

My purpose is to accompany you on the way to free yourself from your blocks, fears and doubts, so that you can discover all your light, all your potential. Release all the personal power you have inside. And, like the Peacock, you can unfold all your power, all the wonderful colors that are in you.

Do you accept the challenge?

Holistic Coach is a process in which the person experiences a global awareness of their being in order to achieve the goals they set for themselves, making sense of them through committed action and knowledge of their potential and values.

In this way, a vision of blockages is obtained at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. So it is about integrating all parts of being.

Spread your feathers, embrace your spiritual nature, walk tall, and display your talents with confidence and grace. Be yourself, an open-minded person ~ the one that looks at the world with eyes wide open, the one that is not afraid of challenges!

What do you want? What if you could? What if there were no limits?

What would everything be like if this conflict were not present?

What resources would you like to have? …

Ready to let your soul show your true colors?

My Values


Love is my highest core value. To me it’s the source of life.


We are in this world together. Connection is the path to making our time here have true meaning.


To me honouring each other is the foundation of co-creation. Honouring ourselves is being truly grateful for this gift of life we get to live.


My Journey


My Journey


Degree & Career

  • Degree in Mass Communication Sciences from Complutense University in Madrid, Spain
  • 20 Years Experience in the business world

Yoga Teacher Training & Shamanic Journeying

  • Hatha Yoga and certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher from the Avagar Center in Madrid, Spain
  • Shamanic Journey of self-discovery in Mexico


Moving to Live in the East

  • Receive the teachings from spiritual teachers and Certificates in:

  • Ayurvedic Consultant Life Style (Australia and Sri Lanka)

  • Ayurveda Beauty Therapy (Kerala. South India)

  • Hatha Yoga (Himalayas. India)

  • Integrative and Restorative Yoga Iyengar Yoga style (Himalayas. India)

  • Tantric Philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism Tradition (the path of love). (Himalayas. India)

  • Buddhist meditations retreats (Dharamshala. India)

  • Vipassana Meditation Retreats (Kandi. Sri Lanka)

  • Sahaja Yoga and Kundalini Yoga Courses (NSW. Australia)


Founded Mirissa Yoga Shala in Sri Lanka & Teaching around the world

  • Teaching kundalini yoga to yogis from around the world
  • Leading classes, workshops and retreats in Australia, Sri Lanka, Bali and in Spain

Other Certifications

  • Beyond Addiction – The Yogic Path to Recovery. Develop healthy habits. (Budapest. Hungary)Neuro Linguistic Programming. (NLP) (Malaga. Spain)

    Therapeutic Tarot Coach. (Malaga. Spain)

    Kids Yoga Internacional Teacher. (Malaga. Spain)

Holistic Coach ~ Coaching Holistico

Energy is the body’s best medicine

I’ve been working in the world of energy for 20 years.

I’d love to share with you what I have discovered

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Some, Lovely, Address, On Planet Earth.


"When we nurture

our whole self ~

Every part of us


and the world shines

more brightly."