Let Me Support Your Self Discovery

You’re Safe


with me


A Sacred Space

I hold my client’s in utmost respect. What is shared with me is sacred and I honour each person and each private session with highest regard.

It’s takes courage and inner love to work on ourselves and also allow another to support that process.

I care for every individual I work with that they feel safe, at ease and encouraged to open up and uncover the aspects that require growth and transformation.

I care for you to know that you’re safe with me.




Let Me Support Your Self Discovery

I Absolutely Love

The People Experience

A Personal Journey

A Unique Awakening.

Working 1-on-1

Engaging with a client for the first time and speaking into aspects they wish to work on is always a creative and meaningful part of my work.

It is here that we discover together a guided intention for how and why we should move forward, what practices will be most beneficial to use and what realistic outcomes to expect.

I see you as a limitless being of light, so whatever challenges you’re currently dealing with, if you’re dedicated to improve your situation whilst working with me, then we’re going to work together towards vibrancy, abundance and fulfillment in your life.

Would You Like To Explore

Working With me?

How To Gently Begin That Process…

Experience a Therapeutic Tarot

~ Evolutive Reading ~


Bring more awareness of your inner self, your internal energy.

What is Tarot Coaching?
The Tarot is as a tool for self-empowerment and personal development.
It is way of using the cards to tap into your subconscious mind to discover insights and creative solutions for your actual life´s situations.

Tarot assisted coaching feels more as if something deep inside yourself, that you forgot existed or thought lost forever, becomes more visible, accessible, and yours again.

Tarot offers you light, it’s a tool that gives you something to meditate on.


Tarot Reading 30 minutes session.

Readings performed via phone (WhatsApp)or Zoom

Investment: 20 Euros

Please use the link below to pay for your Tarot Reading Session.

Simply make the payment via PayPal and contact me to set up a date and time for the session. 

Tarot Reading Testimonial

~ Eri Makino, Japan ~

“Marta’s tarot reading session was magic! It not only answered my question but made me SEE the important things I had forgotten about, and made me see important things I should focus on, as an answer to my questions! Her readings seemed so in tune with my situation, and after the session, I felt much better and lighter, feeling that I now knew what I had to do!

Marta is a super spiritual, enlightened, beautiful person, meeting her was something I’m going to treasure for always.

If you are considering her session, I’d really recommend you to go ahead!!!”

Or Simply Contact me…

If you hear your heart’s calling and would like to start a conversation about working with me, then feel completely at ease in reaching out to me.

Simply go to my ‘contact me’ webpage via the button below and we can begin a little chat. I look forward to hearing from you.

~ Lynne Lewis, England ~

“Marta took me on a physical and emotional journey, after one and a half hours with this beautiful soul, I couldn’t believe how much joy and happiness I felt!

She has a beautiful open way about her that is encouraging and precise and without judgment! The emotional side of my experience was profound, letting go of the past and all it’s negativity, being in the now, I see the world and all it’s beauty. 

Going forward this has been life changing for me, she has brought light to my life!”

~ Benny Sörensson, Swedish ~

“Marta is guiding me to the inner balance and peace that I need and searching for in my life. She helps me connect through her generous teaching, is a inspiration as a true spiritual leader. Her words go straight to my heart.

I am very happy that we meet and not only do I enjoy to work with her, I also got a new friend.

Thank you so much for being there and sharing with me.”

Guided Meditation

Download or Listen to the Meditation.


A Powerful inner journey to harmonize balance

      Enjoy my free guided meditation, relax, breathe and tune in to the deep calm within you.

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"When we nurture

our whole self ~

Every part of us


and the world shines

more brightly."