Let Me Support Your Self Discovery

You’re Safe


with me


A Sacred Space

I hold my client’s in utmost respect. What is shared with me is sacred and I honour each person and each private session with highest regard.

It’s takes courage and inner love to work on ourselves and also allow another to support that process.

I care for every individual I work with that they feel safe, at ease and encouraged to open up and uncover the aspects that require growth and transformation.

I care for you to know that you’re safe with me.




Let Me Support Your Self Discovery

I Absolutely Love

The People Experience

A Personal Journey

A Unique Awakening.

Working 1-on-1

Engaging with a client for the first time and speaking into aspects they wish to work on is always a creative and meaningful part of my work.

It is here that we discover together a guided intention for how and why we should move forward, what practices will be most beneficial to use and what realistic outcomes to expect.

I see you as a limitless being of light, so whatever challenges you’re currently dealing with, if you’re dedicated to improve your situation whilst working with me, then we’re going to work together towards vibrancy, abundance and fulfillment in your life.


Being a Transformational Coach  with a Holistic approach ~ This means that  I work with my clients
across the three core aspects.

How I Work

Being a Transformational Coach with a Holistic approach means that I work with my clients
across the three core aspects.

with the BODY

~ the physical level ~

We use powerful ancient practices to awaken and balance the energies of the body, to bring ourselves into balance and vitality so that you are able to meet your challenges and bring your goals and desires to fruition.

with the SPIRIT

~ the spiritual level ~

Intuition and Re-connection are important aspects of tuning into our divine spark. This is such a magical part of people’s lives that is often overlooked. My role is to guide and support your relationship with your spiritual aspect and help it to flourish.

with the MIND

~ the mental level ~

I coach my clients to understand how to go beyond old limiting beliefs and create new thought patterns that align with how they wish to show up in the world. This is very conscious and life changing series of practices.

Transformational Coaching requires care, knowledge and intuition to know what tools are most valuable to use with an individual client as well as an individual within a group.

I have spent years developing a catalogue of transformational techniques that I bring to every session, workshop and program I create. They are my guides, they are my tools.

Within each session I propose that we make a tailored program of beneficial practacies to suit you according to your unique needs.

These are some of the tools I use in my work with my clients and friends:


Pranayama Breathwork

The way you breathe affects your whole body. Learn to breathe properly.

Good breathing has been shown to be key to your physical and mental well-being; You gain vitality. Improving your oxygenation benefits the heart, your cells, and you get more energy and everything costs less effort. By breathing well, this improves your intellectual performance and you are able to manage better the emotions;

And last but not least, breathing well helps reduce anxiety. I will guide you through different techniques that…

*Relax, reduce tension, and relieve stress. *Improve blood flow. *Increase energy levels. * Reduce inflammation. * Detoxify the body. * Stimulate the lymphatic system. *Improve digestion. *Overcome addictions and mental blockages.

Kundalini Yoga

Regain the strength and flexibility of your body-mind to live the challenges of your life with a relaxed, focused and creative attitude. Have fun breathing, moving your body and challenging your mind. The transformation begins within.

Known as the yoga of consciousness, Kundalini Yoga consists of simple techniques that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age or physical ability. The practice includes exercises, meditation and deep relaxation. Each class is designed to help the practitioner awaken their creative potential.

We raise our creative energy, releasing blockages from your chakras, to attain deeper connection with your real truth.

On the physical level, Kundalini Yoga is used to regulate the nervous system and the glandular system, which increases our vitality, relieves stress, improves our ability to concentrate, and to face our relationships and the challenges of everyday life.

Meditation ~ Mantra ~ Tantra

The idea is not to turn off our thoughts or feelings. The idea is to be able to observe them without judging them. And, eventually, come to understand them better.

Meditation is the practice of focusing one’s mind for a period of time. This can be done in silence or with the help of chanting, and is done for a number of reasons; As a helpful tool in managing stress. Control of Anxiety. Promoting Emotional Health. Enhancing Self-Awareness. Lengthens Attention. As a way to Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss. May help to fight Addictions. Fighting chronic illnesses, including depression, heart disease, and chronic pain.

There are many different forms of this ancient practice, I will guide you in diferent techniques to find the most suitable for you.

*Mindfulness Meditation. *Transcendental Meditation. Meditation with Mantra. *Guided Meditation. Chakra Meditation. *Kashmir Shaivism Tantric meditation. The path of love. *Vipassana meditation. Self-transformation through self-observation.

Ayurveda ~ LifeStyle

Ayurveda is a science of life (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge). It is an ancient wisdom, which understands that we each have a unique mind-body type (your unique constitution) and therefore their specific needs. Health is approached in a personalized way and by knowing your type of mind-body you can choose the best for your diet, exercise, supplements and other aspects of your lifestyle. We will identify yours together here.

Listening to your body’s messages helps you make choices that keep you in tune with your intelligence and inner rhythms. The body always expresses itself through signs of comfort and discomfort. While the mind lives in the past and the future, the body lives in the now and never doubts. Know the truth and this will guide you towards more evolved choices. We will listen to your body. To know better. To love it. To live according to it and with the cycles of life.

The Ayurvedic approach has to do with aligning with the infinite organizing power of nature. It is intuitive, holistic.

We will find the right routine for your personal care that contains rest, exercises, beauty, relaxation, care with food, and with the mind, to fully embrace your life.

Conscious Communication

It is a way of speaking and listening that focuses on developing strong and mutually enriching relationships.

The ability to clearly communicate what you want in life directly relates to your emotional well-being.

We create our world through communication. We manifest our spirit through communication. We can destroy ourselves or someone we love with incorrect communication.

Understanding conscious communication involves many different dimensions. How we speak to ourselves; how we speak to others; matching the communication with the purpose; deep listening; learning to communicate from chakra to chakra. All these aspects are involved in developing the art of conscious communication.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

There is a connection between neurological processes (neuro-), language (linguistic) and behavioral patterns learned through experience (programming), and that these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life.

The application of techniques that allow you to become aware of your Mind Map. of your limiting Beliefs, what is my thought, what is my internal reality, and in this way connect with your unconscious (our internal saboteur).

We will be using different techniques, such as: *Dynamics for problem solving. *Anchors. *Modeling. *Reframing…; allow you to find answers and solutions to blockages and difficulties, recognizing that you already have all the resources in you.

Tantric Numerology

Discover the purpose of your life through tantric numerology.

Tantric Numerology has its roots in ancient yogic teachings from the Tibetan Tantra. Developed to illuminate the path, skills, and nature of each human soul, unlike many other divination systems, Tantric Numerology provides an effective means for you to align with your higher Self.

Tantric Numerology is a tool. It´s based on the total being as understood through the Ten Bodies. You are more than just your physical body, soul, and mind. With this tool you will learn what your bodies are and how to balance them with a combination of breath, postures, sounds, mantra and meditation to help you unlock your true potential.

I will give your a unique combination of Tantric Numbers Calculator Reading, your own skills and conflict as well as a unique destination to live. The special gifts you have received and what you need to do to feel fulfilled.

Beyond Addiction - The Yogic Path to Recovery

Develop healthy habits. Just raise more awareness for how we live our life, of how we live of the whole lifestyle. Our lives are for the most part unconsciously driven by views we hold about ourselves that are a consequence of difficult and traumatic experiences predominantly from our childhoods, creating many of our bad habits.

Your goal is to maximise your promoting habits and minimise your demoting habits. To do so you must understand what beliefs you hold about yourself and how they influence your behaviours.

We’ll look at ways to change beliefs, reduce demoting habits and increase promoting habits to help manifest your Best Future Self.

Create a healthy and resilient life with tools to transform all kinds of addictive patterns, including substance use, codependency, obsessive behavior, and eating disorders. Regain your personal power and discover who you are Beyond Addiction.


This paractice brings more awareness of your inner self. To your internal energy.

The Tarot is as a tool for self-empowerment and personal development.

It is a way of using the cards to tap into your subconscious mind to discover insights and creative solutions for your actual life´s situations.

Tarot assisted coaching feels more as if something deep inside yourself, that you forgot existed or thought lost forever, becomes more visible, accessible, and yours again.

Tarot offers you light, it’s a tool that gives you something to meditate on.

You have all the answers within you and as Carl G. Jung says ~ “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Gong Bath

This sound healing is extremely effective for deep relaxation and to remove blocks in the body.

Would You Like To Explore

Transformational Coaching  With me?

How To Gently Begin That Process…




~ Dianne Ellis. Victoria, Australia ~

“With the need to take time for oneself, nurture and reflect, I found myself joining the most beautiful group of women in a Holistic retreat in Ubud, Bali.

Lead by an awe inspiring Marta, our time together was surrounded by yoga, workshops, coach sessions, ceremonies, walks, rest and time to ‘just be’. The experience provided an opportunity to come to understand and develop a trust in myself.

Now these years later, I have been able to join Marta’s on-line sessions and once again reconnect with her Holistic teachings and wise words!”

Join me in my

Transformational 1-on-1



~ Coaching Sessions ~

~ Coaching ~


I support clients in Marbella, Spain as well as clients from around the world via my Online sessions.

For my online sessions I use the easy to use and trusted platforms of WhatsApp or the Zoom App.

Each personalized and individual session lasts for 1.5 hours.


I will combine a set of tools according to your needs, including my knowledge of Ayurveda, Kundalini Yoga, Breathing techniques, Meditation, and the methods of neuro-linguistic programming, Conscious Communication, Modification of harmful habits, Tantric Numerology, Therapeutic Tarot …


Single Coaching/Guidance Session (up to 1.5hrs): 55 Euros

Coaching/5 Sessions (once a week): 225 Euros

A follow-up email correspondence is included in your session as well.

Payment is safe and secure via PayPal. Simply use the Paypal link above to pay for your Coaching Session or Coaching Package and then contact me here to set up the best day and time for your session/s.

Alternatively, contact me direct here to arrange the payment and session dates.


Please contact me here for my fees and availability.

~ Lynne Lewis, England ~

“Marta took me on a physical and emotional journey, after one and a half hours with this beautiful soul, I couldn’t believe how much joy and happiness I felt!

She has a beautiful open way about her that is encouraging and precise and without judgment! The emotional side of my experience was profound, letting go of the past and all it’s negativity, being in the now, I see the world and all it’s beauty. 

Going forward this has been life changing for me, she has brought light to my life!”

~ Nick Lowe, Scotland ~

“Marta guided me into and through this directly with patient explinations and techniques. Marta is an expert, she has a life of dedication to the subjects she shares, she is precise and explanes articulately concepts which could otherwise be tricky to grasp. Her delicate manner radiates love and compassion.

She is the manifestation of what she teaches and you will feel this when you meet. Sat Nam.”

~ Benny Sörensson, Swedish ~

“Marta is guiding me to the inner balance and peace that I need and am searching for in my life. She helps me connect through her generous teaching, is a inspiration as a true spiritual leader. Her words go straight to my heart.

I am very happy that we meet and not only do I enjoy to work with her, I also got a new friend.

Thank you so much for being there and sharing with me.”

~ Patricia Low, United Kingdom ~

“I can not thank you enough Marta. Through doing your sessions, they have allowed me to let go of grief. I have always found it difficult to speak my mind for fear of upsetting someone.

Attending Marta’s sessions has enabled me to find the strength inside myself to do this, in a positive and gentle way, with no judgment on myself. I am sure I will continue to be liberated through her teachings x thank you with all my heart.”

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Every part of us


and the world shines

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