My Journey

Hi, I’m Mimmi a cognitive behavioral therapist with a focus on a holistic approach. This page is about getting to know me better…


My Journey

Hi, I’m Mimmi a cognitive behavioral therapist with a focus on a holistic approach. This page is about getting to know me better…


Degree & Career

  • Degree in …. from ….. University
  • … Years Experience in …….

Yoga Teacher Training

  • certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher from

Studied NLP and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • certified practitioner in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy…

Founded my therapy business

  • As well as other theraputic traditions that I offer, such as massage and kundalini yoga training, I founded my cognititve behavioural therapy business and have been working with individuals and couples for nearly a decade

My Values


Self Responsibility

I believe that anyone can change their state and their situation. I’ve seen it many times. However, this does require self-responsibility of taking action to sculpt that change in ourselves.


Joy is a cornerstone of life. I live joy through my family, through my experiences and through the practices and techniques I teach to my clients. Joy is my daily goal.


Being heathly in mind and body is my foundation to the joy I live. I love honouring my body and nurturing my mind. Living a healthy life is a beauitful expression of this gift of life we get to live.

A word or two

About Me

and how I can support you

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“The only impossible journey, is the one you never begin.”

A Life Lived

Is a Life With Meaning

I love to dance. I love to workout, do my yoga and feel alive, feel the sunlight on my skin. I love to eat fresh food, drink and laugh. I love the quiet moments, moments to contemplate and cherish everything.

Life is this wonderful miracle that we get to experience. Sometimes challenges come up that we can learn from and help shape us into even more beautiful, loving beings.

Everything can be a gift, everything can guide us to be better to ourselves and others. To lead our lives with our heart open to the world.

“Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered, without getting a little lost first.

The gift is in trusting that you’ll find your way. Then you can embrace the experience of the journey with wonder.”

“Took the courage to go to couples therapy with Mimmi. My boyfriend was not so happy at first but that changed. He experienced things from his childhood that he did not know influenced him in our relationship. Thank you <3 We have had a loving relationship ever since.”

~ Lisa

“I didn’t really understand that I was actually missing out on a lot of experiences. Going to Mimmi and learning conscious presence was the best thing I have done.”

~ Daniel

“Have tried to lose weight for a long time without results. In CBT with you Mimmi I managed to lose 12 kilos and keep it off! Thank you. In addition, I feel better in my relationship, wonderful.”

~ Cissi

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