Desertification vs Biosequestration & The Future of the Planet





Desertification vs Biosequestration & The Future of the Planet

What will the future look like/..?


I wanted to begin with a stark truth.

Because only from a place of awareness can we make any real change.

The truth is staring us in the face and it’s affecting everything, even if our comfortable day to day softens the reality.

The truth is clear. If it’s business as usual…

Then the astute gambler would bet his house and his fortune that we are heading for demise.


60 harvests left, say the ones who have done the research.

60 years before we’ve fvcked the top soil too hard and too much.

Then it’s going to be a matter of salvage and survival.

I’m sharing this insight because this topic is so immaculately grand in scale, that to hit you up with a timeless leadership principle in its place.

Well… it would seem to me as shortsighted. And that’s not what this Insight Matrix is about.


THE HARD FACTS: Conversation Dynamite/…

Desertification is the process where soil is degraded (mostly through decades and centuries of ’tilling’; it started with hand tools, then came horse and plough. Now we’ve moved onto catastrophic mega machines.)

We degraded the soil until it became dirt.

Rich soil; Life giving soil contains more micro bacteria and life in a single handful, than all the humans on the planet.

Micro bacteria also make up a fabulous chunk of you and me. We’re only about 10% human matter.

Rich soil has everything it needs to grow plant life. Photosynthetic plants that remove the carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the earth for years or decades.

But today…

Tilling and soaking the soil with pesticides is the common agricultural monster.

Pesticides: a repurposing of the chemical cousins used in the gas camps of the world wars.

We now use them to soak the foods we feed to our most precious.

Cancers and other ill-ness is a straightforward side effect of modern agricultural and political blindness.


In short…

We’ve devastated the top soil on a global scale.

The very thing that can turn our world around.

We can easily glance back to past great civilisations who did the same.

Who were as magnificent and foolish as we are and who ultimately obliterated themselves.

Civilizations that could not handle the deteriorating environment of their lands and their rise in populations.

Today we are doing this on a global scale.


About ⅔ of the world’s land mass is desertifying…

Every year 40 million people are pushed off their land as a result of soil becoming dirt. Useless. A Dry-heat platform to push sparse clouds away.

By 2050 it’s estimated that 1 billion people will be refugees of soil desertification.



Global topsoil will be gone in 60 years if we don’t adopt drastic shifts.

60 harvest left to turn things around…

60 years left to Save the Soil.



Evaporation vs Transpiration 

Biosequestration: noun; Storage and removal of carbon from the atmosphere through photosynthetic plants or bacteria.

More naturally growing plants = Healthy soil = Healthy planet = Healthy ecosystems = Healthy civilizations = Healthy societies = Healthy economics

Good for business.

It seems like a solution too simple to be true, but it requires politics.

And that’s a dodgy arena to lay the fate of the world within. 


That’s why I’m sharing this here and sharing this with you.

It’s an insight that raises awareness to change the world for a greater good in the hands of (in my opinion) the Real change-makers.

Far more meaningful than what tech you’ll be competing with in 5 years time.

This is make or break stuff and belongs to the realm of titans.

What will your company do to influence and adapt to a tidal wave that can crush everything in its path?

Will this insight help you to make decisions that shape change for a longer run than 60 years?


It’s TRUE…

Solutions exist today that can reshape our planet.

But we need the inspired change-makers to lead the way.

And to lead the way, they need to know the way.

That’s what this Insight Matrix is here to help you with.