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I’m passionate about many things and website design synchronizes a lot of those passions. Web design is creative fuel that lights my fire.


My mission is to help people create a positive reflection of their vision in the digital space.

I am passionate about designing elegant websites that heighten the user’s experience and perform masterfully for the individual or business that they represent.


Communication and integrity are two of my big values. I respect people’s time and the energy that they put into their projects and I ask the same from my clients.

This manifests in the way I work with individuals and businesses, that I am transparent and clear about each project that I commit to and I work carefully and diligently to bring my client’s projects to life together with their essential input to shape something distinct and memorable.

Let’s make something amazing together.

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Sebastian Beata Cannon

How I Can Help You

When it comes to getting your website up and running, I've got you covered.

If you've got a project or business that you want to share with the world and need a professional and stylish website. Then let's get a feel for what I can do for you.

Get in touch via my Contact page and we'll talk through your best options. It might not cost as much as you think and 'quality' is one of my core values.

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